Thursday, January 14, 2010

how to have 'quality' time...

Today while tooling around in the car, an add on the radio announced that I could indeed have "more quality time with my children" if I had some kind of expensive strange hair removal...... because I would no longer need to spend so much time in the shower shaving..... REALLY?!?!?

I can't believe I did not know this! How could I have missed it?

My kids where laughing so hard there was spittle flying about...

Naomi "Oh mom, if only you didn't spend sooooo much time shaving your hairy arm pits!"

Connor "Yes, then we would feel like you truly LOVED us!!"

Ellie rolling her eyes and sticking her tongue through the gap where her big girl teeth are coming in all too quick.... "hehehehe you shave hair in your arm pits?!? hehehehehehehe" eye roll... more lizard tongue movements, head bobbing from side to side... (the picture of crazy town!)

Oh man, they crack me up!
This is why I have kids.
This is sooooooo why we homeschool!
(Do I really want to expose this kind of fun to the world at large?)
And I obviously need to consider all my options in hair removal, because clearly I need more 'quality' time with this bunch!


  1. I love it - those three have such a good grip on reality. :)

    Great pics BTW - I love the action shot.

  2. Except that you have NO hair in your armpits. Something that has always made me green. That, and your perfect skin.
    I have to admit, Ellie is plain "crazy town", any old time, no matter what's going on. She's way better than TV.
    I hope you were as happy through the rest of the day as you were when I talked to you in the morning. McDonald's endorphins and flying spittle should carry one through to bedtime.

  3. That is so funny. My kids must get all the quality time they need. I get very lazy with the shaving in the winter months. (I know TMI but it is true). You guys look great, what fun in the snow!

  4. I can't decide if the pics of Naomi look more like Nita, Chani or you.
    Fun! You almost tempt me to homeschool (I'm afraid I'm too lazy though, and look WAY to forward to getting them out of my hair someday.)

  5. Very nice. I consider it a great priviledge to be able to share even a small portion of your kids. They are growing up too fast, as usual.

  6. I hope you take the ad's advice and work on your hair problems. Your kids need you. :)

  7. I LOVE it!! The kids crack me up. hhahaha, I'm still literally laughing. I am picturing each one of them putting in their 2 cents. What a way to end my day. Wonderful! By the way, Analiese told me she misses Connor,and she loves him because he's wonderful. :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Aubrey! I LOVE the sound of your new house. Ah, maybe I need to move out of state to be able to afford an old house on a big lot.

    Your kids totally crack me up.

    Knowing Jess makes me want to know you.

    I may become your newest blog stalker.

  9. Looks like they got their fun snow time after moving to NY. However, we get more (long lived if not quantity) up here in Alaska!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (and I hope you won't be a stranger.)