Friday, January 1, 2010

Setting the 'proverbial' clock

I find that I have never been able to accomplish the elusive adage, "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise." I am neither healthy, monetarily wealthy (though I feel sufficient) and most would just laugh at the 'wise'. (I say this because every public dining experience I have ever had with my siblings and parents as an adult has gone something like.... "Aubrey, shhhh, stop it! Did you really just say that?.. eye roll, laugh, cough, no really, honestly be quieter!" and somehow this has never felt like I fell into the wise category.) And yet this quote goes through my head like many others do.. a lot.

I desire to know how it feels to slumber in the actual slumbering hours. To rise when my husband does (dawn) and maybe even prepare breakfast, something other than cold cereal.

I long to put my children to bed at sane hours (that make me feel like I am running the show) and bring their darling heads off pillows at reasonable times that others would not scoff at. I do, I really do. And some how this eludes me, it always has. It started in the teen years and never rubbed off. I blame the bird in me. Damn the night owl and his ways.

To this end I begin my only new year's constancy, fortitude, DECLARATION if you will. Because clearly if I accomplish this one, I have accomplished them all: health, wealth and wisdom, no less. So tomorrow I dive in. I am setting an actual alarm. ON MY SIDE OF THE BED (cringe)for the wee hour of 6:30. I will go to bed by no later than, oh good grief I don't know what is reasonable, 10:30. We will do this all month. It is set in stone, or rather, Internet script.

And my kids? They have no idea what is coming, but they will find the dream state earlier than usual as well. That being a firm? (shaky weak fingers type this) I am so new to this... no later than????? 8:00?!? ahhhhhh! I must breath, breath and begin this new year, with its perfect plan, the setting of the proverbial clock.


  1. You go girl! I am working on the same goal too! It is almost 9:00 and we are in the middle of "The Incredibles." We will early to bed this week! Your children look wonderful. It is amazing how they grow- Naomi is beautiful. Give them hellos from the Boyacks. Are you in your new house? Miss you guys.


  2. When we've been consistent with this in the past, it has made a HUGE difference. We are also hoping to start the New Year right and get back on track with our sleeping habits. Starting tomorrow morning when Reilly goes back to school. Wish us luck, as we wish you the best as well. Love ya!


  3. Awww… precious sleeping babes. (From now on, I shall call El "Sleeps With Bunnies.") :p

    I wish you the best in getting into that routine. It's hard for us as well.

    I'm seriously considering using But the power of the snooze button can even overcome that.

  4. i think it works well to go to bed at 10:30..i read more too!

    check my bliggity blog at
    love ya!

  5. I too had a little bell ringing me out of bed this morning at 6:20. There is change afoot in our house, and I'm afraid it may take me "off-line" very soon. Despite this, I am so pleased to find that you have made a space to write, and that what you write will give me more good things to read.
    Luck and all that with the getting up and the going to bed.

  6. AUBREY!!!! I am so excited to have a new way to keep up with our Hannigs. :) You can do it. I've been trying for months to get to bed earlier and failed. Perhaps knowing that you indeed are trying to do the same thing will motivate me to do better. Ohh, I miss you so much! Happy New Year!

  7. This sounds so fabulous!! Please let me know how it goes. We fight every night with Richie (the girls are no problem). I promise we start putting him in bed at 8:30pm and last night at 11:30pm I could see his little head peeking in my bedroom:( I love Connor's face in his picture, he must have been having a wonderful dream! Happy New Year to you guys!!!

  8. I greatly admire this insanity that has possessed you. I thought I was doing good for myself when I put my foot down to say that I absolutely wouldn't stay up later than 2 am but this is impressive. Best of luck and look forward to hearing how it goes. :-)

  9. Great goal! My advice is no napping. If you can't fall asleep at the designated time, don't stress. Just make sure to get up every morning at 6:30 and never EVER take a nap. Eventually your body will give in and change time zones. Just think of it as jet lag.
    You can do it!

  10. update.... in hopes that no one follows up on a comment they wrote, I am soooo bad at this!
    I am trying, but really its like I am hard wired wrong, or different. something.