Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Snap" a portrait of a daughter.

My own mothers fingers were intertwined within the strands of my grown up 'lady' locks.
The hair her hands had braided a hundred times over the years.
Safety in her hands, love in her words, warmth in the visit.
I confessed not feeling well.
She smiled.
My sister snapped a photo at that very moment. It is framed on my walls forever more.
My head bowed, being plaited for the day, my mothers smile as she considered my confession. "snap" and everything changed.
Greg and I rushed to the drug store.
And then there was Naomi.
Lovely Naomi, the baby even the Doctor gasped at.
It was a struggle to bring her in, everything said no in my body. no no no.
But my mind, my heart, my love said yes. and never looked back.
Greg held my hair back when I was forever leaning over white porcelain.
reading doctor Seuss books to distract her from my moaning.
We sang to her, and when they said she was breach ~
we played Neil Young way down low and she turned just like the good baby she was.
When the water rushed, she woke me and told me first...
It's just the kinda girl she is.
The day we drove home with her, I felt like we had something breakable in back.
The first night home....... she slept.
Late in the night I came down stairs, crawled up next to my own mother and I cried.
I cried for all that could be, could happen, will happen.
I cried for the hurt. The pain, the boys, the friends... all of it.
The uncertainty in life, the questions, the searching she would do.

And then I prayed. And I Knew.
Knew she would face this life, head on.
She would hurt, feel, love, win, lose.... all of it.
And I knew that Greg and I would give her our all.
The good the bad and the ugly... all of it.
And she would come out knowing her God.
All of Him.

Today she is 12... and so far...
Well, what can I say? Its just the kind of young lady she is.


  1. Aubrey, this has to be one of the most beautiful and poetic things I've ever read. What a joy to know Naomi.

  2. Happy Birthday Naomi! You have a real bona fide young woman now. I know that she will love Beehives.

  3. What a beautiful post...it is so true and well written. Made me cry, thinking of all we have been through and the possibilities that are to come. Cannot believe Naomi is already 12. How does that happen?

  4. Shame on you, Aubrey, for thinking that another's words...
    even Yeats,
    even the Bard himself,
    could better render what is yours alone to say.
    And to say with such lilting loveliness.

    Check in later.
    I post today on "Peace comes Dropping Slow" in your honor...well, you and Naomi.
    God bless you both for being part of me.

  5. Aub, this was truly beautiful.
    My eyes watered (just a tad). Naomi is so lucky to have parents like you and Greg. I'm so happy for your family and all that you have accomplished.

    I should call her and wish her a happy birthday (belated). Yesterday, I told all my coworkers that is was my niece's 12 birthday and I beamed.

    Love you,

  6. They sang to me, and only me, on Sunday for my birthday in Primary, and I said "Isn't there someone else that shares this with me? Am I the only one to sing to?" I knew there had always been a another up there with me. And now I remember who that someone is? Naomi, you left me to stand up there by myself! Well, in honor of celebrating our birthdays together I leave you with this....Happy, Happy Birthday, Naomi, dear....Congratulations on being a Young Woman!

  7. Absolutely beautiful.
    It made me love Naomi even more, which I didn't think was possible.

  8. This is gorgeous and so are your kids. Oh my how I'm afriad of moving on to those days. I'm hoping I'll grow into being 12-year-old Laylee's mother as she grows into being 12-year-old Laylee.

  9. Oh my word.... The DARING ONE.... commented on my blog. AHHHHHHH! :) wow! soooo cool!
    Thank you everyone for kind words. truly.

  10. I love you. Give my love to Naomi. She is an amazing kind of girl for sure. If my kids turn out at all like yours. I will feel I've done well.